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Topic: Communication and Media Studies

Journalism and Mass Communication Topic: Communication and Media Studies Type of work: Assignment Level: Undergraduate Number of pages: 2 pages = 250 Grade: High Quality (Normal Charge) Formatting...

Discussion: Ancient and early influencers

Choose a leader from the ancient/pre-industrial concept of leadership and discuss from a historical setting what you think made him or her the influential in their time. In addition, discuss the...

Assignmeent: Strategyof a Firm

Should be around 500 words These 4 questions may help to guide your reflections and analysis. A) What is your strategy for the firm (your view, not the group)? B) What is the basis for your strategy...

Social Innovation Assessment

Assessment 1 Individual Presentation Assessment Date: 8 Oct 21 (Week 3) Assessment Time: 23:59 pm (submit a pdf copy on LMS) Live Presentations: Week 4 (MS TEAMS) Student’s Name: Student ID No:...

Scenario Discussion 6: Facebook

Respond to the scenario with no less than 100 words and cite the ethical standard (name and number – for example “1.07 Improper Complaints In 2014, investigators from several academic...

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