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You are a climate justice consultant:

You are a climate justice consultant: You will go before a major governing body (the U.N., let’s say) that already has a task force on racial justice, and a separate task force on climate action....

D5 Case Study: Sony vs Apple

Case Study: Sony vs Apple APPLE’S MARKET CAPITALIZATION in 2001 was $7 billion, while Sony’s was $55 billion. Apple introduced the iPod, a portable digital music player, in October 2001,...

Responses: Art enhances our world

Respond to 2 students. I have started on 1 response and will post below. The two initial posts from the students are below:  Mary Woodard posted Oct 28, 2019 1:59 PM Discussion 4 1. Respond to the...

Research: Current trend in U.S. culture

Based on the definition of the word trend provided in class, students will identify a current trend in U.S. culture and research the origins, causes, effects, and future prospects for the trend...

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