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Popular Questions - Literature

ENGL 433: Story Analysis

ENGL 433 Directions: Answer 10 questions ONLY. 1. Who provided the basic story for the play? a. Raphael Holinshed b. Thomas Kyd c. Saxo-Grammaticus 2. Where is the play mainly set? a. a castle in...

Discussion: Learning disabilities

Three of your students have specific learning disabilities in the area of reading; one has been diagnosed with ASD, and two have emotional and behavioral disorders which affect their academics in...

Play Assignment

1.  Who provided the basic story for the play? a. Raphael Holinshed    b. Thomas Kyd  c. Saxo-Grammaticus  2.  Where is the play mainly set? a.  a castle in Denmark  b.  a boat to England  c. a...

Homework on Jazz video reviews

Date and location of performance ? Name of artist or band with video link ? Type of ensemble (big band, combo, etc.) ? Instrumentation (what instruments were played) ? The impact on you, the...

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