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Popular Questions - Literature

Annotated Bibliography

Must follow steps completley:Locate 4 peer-reviewed (journal-length) sources that report empirical studies associated with your selected theoretical topic (from Phase 2 Task 1). (the last paper)Read...

How to write a Personal Narrative

Creative Writing Assignment1000 wordsPersonal NarrativeTopic: Why females are not able to get hierarchy position jobs in professional sports-how it should be written1. Personally confessing how you...

DS 5

Envisioning LeadershipIdentifying a challenge that evokes your passion, understanding its historical and contemporary contexts, and bringing together the community of people needed to respond to...

News Writing

Compose a 400 to 500-word news story (double-spaced, 12 pt. type)Be sure to include:Headline (all caps, boldface, centered, one line only)Byline (italicized)Dateline (see below)An interesting lead...

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