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Popular Questions - History

Black Studies 152 Midterm Exam

Due: Without exception, in PDF and by email, at 8:00pm (PST), Monday, November 01, 2021. Instructor: Dr. Jude G Instructor’s email address: DIRECTIONS: *Attempt only three questions. *Question # 1,...

African women and economy

Read Women and the Economy:development.pdf Women and the Informal economy .pdf Women and Agriculture in Kenya.pdf Women and Agriculture, Four Myths.pdf Using your summary the readings, Discuss the...

Classics Anthropology and Art History 300

750 words. About analyzing a piece of contemporary art, with the term art being defined pretty broadly, that is influenced or inspired by ancient Greece or Rome. Choose to write about something...

Questions for today

Give a summary of the story: who? what? when? where? Give your critical (and personal) reaction to the chapter. Discuss how slavery began on Barbados according to this narrative? Why were planters...

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