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Popular Questions - Mathematics – Statistics

Descriptive Statistics

Visit one of the following newspapers websites: USA Today, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, or Washington Post. Select an article that uses statistical data related to a current event, your...

SPSS Assignment

You believe that there is a curvilinear relationship between age and prison length. Run a regression equation testing for the possibility of a curvilinear relationship. The age variable should be...

1.  What is probability?

Answer all questions. Show all work. Ask instructor for any clarification. 1.  What is probability?  (2 pts) 2. The Porter family’s probability of winning first prize at a raffle is 3117. What...

Probability Discussion

Probability plays a major role in the medical community. Diagnoses are based on probabilities. They are really questions or “what if’s”, and are answered by the probability that...

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